DIY Embroidered and Patch Jacket

Here’s a project share! I’ve been working on these upcycled embroidered jackets and they’ve been a huge hit in my shop.

I buy the jackets at thrift stores, and then use my embroidery machine to add 5-10 embroidered patches in whatever theme I’ve chosen. Most of my embroidery files are purchased on etsy.

For the pocket patches, I cut little templates by tracing the pocket on tracing paper or scraps of embroidery interfacing. Back the fabric with Heat and Bond Ultra, and then iron them on. Stitching around the pockets isn’t necessary, but I do it anyway because I prefer the look. Only stitch around 3 sides so you don’t sew the pocket closed!

I add some light distressing by scoring the fabric with an X-Acto knife and then rubbing it with a piece of low grit sand paper. Splatters are made by watering down Speedball screen printing ink and using a paint brush, then heat setting with an iron once dried. You could use a good fabric paint instead – I just already had this laying around from other craft projects.

Every one that I’ve done so far has been a huge hit! On this rainbow one, I painted the metal buttons with nail polish and stitched on scrap lace. The perfect project to use up those tiny scraps of your favorite fabrics! They’re time consuming, but sooooo worth the effort.

No embroidery machine? There are a tonnnnn of super cute patches on Wish and Amazon for pretty cheap!

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