Baby T-shirt Dress and Sun Hat

My project this week was this darling little Hundred Acer Wood set! The fabric is a strike off (first prints for testing and promotional purposes) from Affordable Fabrics and More and opens for preorder on May 3rd!

The pattern for this pretty little hat is the Sunshine Coast Hat from Goober Pea Designs (affiliate link) and it comes in sizes 6 months through adult with tons of options! Seriously fast and breezy sew. I didnt include the chin strap but she keeps it on just fine and the stretchy cotton lycra makes it a comfy snug fit.

For the dress pattern, I used the T-Shirt Dress from Brindille and Twig patterns. The pattern has a regular crewneck and band but I made some slight changes for accessibility by adding snaps at the shoulder seams, so when my baby has her eye surgeries she wont need it tugged over her face.

To add the snaps, I just extended the shoulder seams up about an inch and a half past what the pattern recommends on each side, front and back.

I also recalculated two neck bands, for the new measurements on the front neck length, and one for the back. I made the neck bands 2″ wide x 80% of the length of each neck line.

I just serged the bands on, folded over and top stitched the lengthened shoulder piece, and placed the snaps before sewing the sleeves on. A simple quick alteration! My favorite thing about sewing my own clothing is that I can change pretty much anything to meet my needs.

Instead of traditional hemming, I did a rolled hem with my serger. If you’ve been afraid to try a rolled hem – seriously just do it. It’s as easy as googling the settings for your machine model and stretching a bit as you go to create the waves. Less fuss than a traditional hem and it really adds to the project!

Check out some more pictures below!

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