Matchy Matchy for Toy Story 4

A couple weeks ago, I was offered the privilege of sewing a strike off for one of my favorite fabric companies, Sky Love Creations! If you’re not familiar with their fabric, I fear for your wallet – because you’re going to want to buy and hoard it all. Lots of awesome, custom art character stuff on some of the highest quality cotton lycra I’ve ever sewn with.

Ad a 90s baby and huge Toy Story fan, I had to make something for myself this time. I’m currently nursing my 3 month old little girl so I opted for a nursing hoodie. Check it out in all it’s gifable glory!

**This paragraph has redacted to remove links to a pattern company I no longer feel comfortable recommending** Any basic hooded raglan pattern would work for this nursing hack, I used the same technique outlined here.

Wonder Tape made sewing the zippers into stretchy knit a lot easier! I added an extra hour to my project by pulling off the zipper pull on one side after I snipped the metal stop off to shorten it. And then I spent a really long time cursing and trying to get it back on, so my advice is to just not do that.

My 3 year old is a Toy Story obsessed, so I had to cut him in on the loot. Plus his dog. They’re my honorary 90s kids.

Mason’s make is an Ollie Bomber Jacket from indie pattern maker Sew A Little Seam. I lined it with some nice, thick sweatshirt fleece so it could function as a good spring/fall coat. The pattern is designed in a way that had I used something prettier as a lining, it’d be totally reversible. I didn’t realize that until I was nearly finished… sooo next time.

Siren’s make is my favorite dog tee, the Bratty Dog by Sew Bratty. Super quick and easy sew! I added some color blocking on the side and even with the extra step it’s still a project that can be finished in an hour.

The absolute hardest part of the whole process was getting kid and dog to stay still and look at me long enough to snap a picture. There were bribes aplenty. Check out some more photos below!

This fabric is available for preorder until April 10th here! and I recommend joining the Sky Love facebook group for project inspiration, updates and exclusive sales!

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