Kids’ Accessible Pattern Round Up

My little one needs a couple surgeries and I’ve been on the hunt for some cute baby patterns and easy hacks for patterns that wont need to be pulled over her head and potentially disturb her surgical sites. Anything to make the process easier! Here’s a round up of some great accessible options I’ve found. I’ll update with my sews once I’ve had the chance to make some and test them out.

**Please note, I’m choosing not to include the pattern pictures here because with the nature of kid’s patterns, they’re generally shown modeled and I don’t wan’t to include pictures of other peoples’ kiddos where they can’t control them.

The Kid’s Mokena Tee from Rad Patterns – this top has all sorts of access points and zipper options for ports, feeding tubes, IVs, entry methods – etc! There’s an option to add zips completely down either or both sleeves to avoid pulling over heads or to make the process of dressing from a chair or bed worlds easier. There’s an adult version too!

CKC Free Hospital Gown – here’s a FREE pattern for a kid’s hospital gown from Create Kids Couture. They have a version for teddy bears too!

Peekaboo Patterns Snap Pajamas – I already own this one and can’t wait to sew it up! It’s a basic snap up jammy pattern with optional footies. I plan on “hacking” it into a tank/short romper, which should be an easy change just shortening the limbs and recalculating the bands. I’ll make some standard too in cotton lycra for light summer jammies.

The Hazelbee Baby Dress – this is a pattern I’ve been eyeing for awhile because there are a ton of options! I think the cross over bodice option will work great for our needs, because a wider neck opening can be pulled up over her legs instead of over her head.

Goober Pea Designs – Pea Pod this is a pattern for a carseat poncho, and I chose this one specifically because it’s the only one I’ve found with a zip up option. Plus there’s a great extended size range!

Goober Pea Designs – Stylin’ Snuggler this is a zip up jammy pattern (no over the head!) in an extended size range. There are also add on options for zippers in the back and a low rise crotch option for kids with sensory needs or pajama escape artists.

Peekaboo Pattern’s Zipster Romper – This one is a zip up romper for babies and toddlers with a hood, adorable EARS! and optional crotch snaps for diaper access.

Brindille and Twig – Wrap Cardigan this is a baby and toddler cardigan with one snap off to the side. Easy on and off but still secures close. I find open cardis get in the way for new movers and crawlers, so this is a great sweater option!

Brindille and Twig – Kimono Top this top is similar to the snap on tops the hospital puts newborns in. The pattern goes premie up to 3T which is a much larger size range than I’ve found in store for this style. It’s a wrap around kimono with only two snaps to secure it closed! The pattern offers long sleeve only but it’s as easy as shortening the sleeve length and recalculating the band width (I make bands 80% of the opening) to turn it short sleeve for summer. You can also just shorten and hem instead of banding!

I’d love some suggestions if you’ve found other indie/PDF patterns or easy alterations that fit the bill! I’ll make sure to post my makes and link back as I sew through baby’s accessible summer wardrobe.

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